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Plotter Product Features


SalesClap dashboard is a type of graphical user interface that often displays key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to a specific objective or business process. The SalesClap (CRM) dashboard is an enterprise application interface used to track the market leads and sales prospects, processes and results. It offers snapshots of real-time business activities that are used to monitor and improve market reporting analytics.

Social Wall

SalesClap social wall is a live or aggregated stream of social posts like articles, images, videos etc. that are projected on any digital signage screen. Posts that use different hashtags are encapsulated in a screen which rotates automatically in new content.

Lead Management

SalesClap Lead management is a collection of methodologies, processes and procedures designed to generate new potential business clientele, generally run through a range of marketing campaigns or programs. This process has also been accurately referred to as customer acquisition management.

Quotation Management

SalesClap Quotation Management Technology requires the design and optimization of the Customer Quotations. It aims to improve the business performance of the company by producing and generating & emailing quotations, storing data and providing enhanced reporting features.

Inventory Management

SalesClap Inventory management is an aspect of property supply chain management which includes the control of assets and properties. Specifically, "Inventory Management manages the flow of properties from suppliers to clients.

Sales Target Management

SalesClap Sales target management sets the sales targets of Sales & Tele-caller team. As most sales managers are using SalesClap for setting targets and goals. It is also one of the most important sales incentive tools in their management.

Sales Pipeline

SalesClap Sales and Marketing pipeline is a series of stages through which a prospect passes as it travels from a new lead to a client. Once each step of the pipeline is completed, the prospect is progressed to the next level.

Live Docs

LiveDocs is a document/file sharing module that allows you to share zip files/documents to clients. It's an alternative to translation memories that can make you successful right from the start of a task!

Channel Partnership

SalesClap channel partnership is an online business platform for brokers, plotters and developers that allows all brokers to sell linked plotters’ and developers’ properties.


Marketing is a process of getting people interested in your properties. This occurs by market research, observation and awareness of the interests of your targeted customer. Use SalesClap Email and SMS marketing features to generate more leads and sell your properties faster.


Create groups of people and send them SMS in single click, this is one of the most important feature to generate leads.

Event Calendar

In our daily work, calendars play an important role in helping us to be more productive. Calendar allows us to be more successful with our daily work is to remove items from our "To Do" lists. In fact, many people use their calendars to simply arrange their lists in their day.


A notification is a message in SalesClap application telling you that someone has sent you a message or put something new for you to look at.

Partner Network

Through SalesClap you can increase your partner network by sending and receiving partner requests online. Bigger network big business.

Unlimited Contacts

You can store unlimited contact in your SalesClap contact folder. Basically it is useful for marketing and remarketing.


You can use SalesClap Internal search to search people or lead by name, email id or mobile number.


Download various reports like Sales Report, Target Report etc.


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